File 1: The Chase

Available as a serialised podcast!

Cara's discovery of a set of broken rings leads to an unexpected and romantic attachment with Mei Xing. However, their love is complicated by the fact that they live in different worlds, with countless universes between them.

Despite this, Cara is determined to be with Mei Xing and embarks on a journey to find her. But she is not prepared for what she is about to encounter.

File 2: Automata

Now available as a serialised podcast!

Stranded and alone, in a parallel universe occupied by billions of sentient machines, Cara's worst fears are realised when she sees that her arrival has provided the machines with the ability to spread through the multiverse like a plague of locusts. 

As she learns more about the machines' motivations and capabilities, she can't help but wonder if her own destiny is somehow entwined with theirs.

File 3: Starship

After accidentally boarding a Starship, Cara is horrified to discover that reviving the hibernating crew will kill them. 

Stranded on the speeding ship without a means to escape, her only recourse is to hope that the ship's AI and her companion and protector, Arx, can devise a plan to rescue the crew before she can continue her journey to rescue Mei Xing.